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November 2017
• Protecting Your Mouth from Tooth Sensitivity
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• How to Protect Oral Tissues When a Tooth Gets Chipped

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October 2017
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• Do Not Ignore Sugar Sensitivity
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September 2017
• 4 Reasons that Your Gums Are Receding
• Great Snacks for Healthy Gums
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Do Not Ignore Sugar Sensitivity
Did you recently take a bite into something sweet and noticed that you suddenly had intense pain? This could be caused by sugar sensitivity. This is a serious condition that needs to be checked out. The moment you notice that your teeth get painful, we should be the first call you make.

Sugar sensitivity is normally caused by a lot of cavities or caries in your mouth. When the caries is treated, usually with a filling, the pain can go down dramatically. However, leaving it alone means that you are far more likely to struggle with long-term pain. Call our office today and let us help!

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