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October 2018
• Flexible Spending, the Time is Now
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September 2018
• Clenching Your Teeth Can Cause Damage You May Not Feel for Years
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• How Salt Water Rinses Help Your Mouth

August 2018
• Is Crown Lengthening a Cosmetic Procedure or Is it More?
• Ways of Managing Teeth That Are Sensitive to Cold
• How Long Should Flossing Take Each Day?

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How Salt Water Rinses Help Your Mouth
When you have any type of irritation or injury to the mouth, one of the most common recommendations is to rinse your mouth with salt water. There are several reasons for this. First, it cleans your mouth from nearly all types of bacteria by increasing the pH balance of your mouth temporarily. Second, it improves healing. Finally, it can also reduce the pain in your mouth from whatever is ailing it. When you combine these benefits, you create an environment that is more likely to heal with less pain than one that is not getting regular salt water rinses.

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