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5 Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry

Posted on 12/1/2023 by Keizer Family Dental
Girl smiling after getting sedation at Keizer Family Dental in Keizer, ORAre you afraid of panicking during surgical procedures? Worry no more because, with the introduction of sedation dentistry, you are sorted out. If you need to undergo a lengthy surgical procedure, you can ask your dentist about sedation. Options for sedation include oral conscious sedation, intravenous sedation (IV), and nitrous oxide. The dentist should, however, have special certification to provide some forms of sedation.

Who Needs Sedation Dentistry?

Anyone can get sedation dentistry - even children. However, dentists recommend this option mostly for people with dental anxiety and difficulty controlling their movements. There are other reasons why you should consider sedation while undergoing dental procedures. Let us look into that below.

Speeding Up the Dental Process

Sedation dentistry helps you to relax. Hence, during the procedure, the dentist can work on you immediately and with ease. That speeds up the process and saves time. Moreover, this helps eliminate the need to go for another visit since the dentist has ample time to finish the work.

Trigger Management

Sedation dentistry helps reduce the emotions that might be triggered by the tools or atmosphere in the dental office. The sounds, the smell, and the sight of the dental equipment might be a daunting sight for some patients. However, with sedation, it will reduce the impact of the triggers.

Improves the Quality of Life

Getting nervous about your dental appointment might affect your quality of life days before the appointment, especially for patients waiting for major treatments or those with severe dental anxiety. Choosing sedation as an option assures you that the pain will be dealt with appropriately.

Eliminates Gag Reflex

Patients with high gag reflexes can make dental work uncomfortable. Hands or tools inside the mouth can trigger the reflex and interrupt the dental appointment. Mild forms of sedation minimize the effects and allow the dentists to do their work while the patient feels at ease.

Sensitive Teeth and Gums

Patients who have hypersensitivity often have a better experience under the effects of sedation. Therefore, your dentist should know about your oral history to provide you with the best services. For more information about sedation, visit our offices today.
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