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3D rendering of three teeth each with a different dental filling material: composite, amalgam, and gold at Keizer Family Dental in Keizer, ORHaving a sweet tooth can be bad for your oral health. Eating a lot of sweets and junk food can cause you to develop cavities in your teeth. Cavities are permanently damaged areas in the tooth that develop into holes. They first start as tiny painless holes but become more significant if left untreated, leading to toothaches and infections. In some severe cases, patients end up losing multiple teeth.

To prevent further damage to your teeth, we place dental fillings where the cavity holes have formed. This oral procedure reduces the pain and restores normal function to your tooth. Our team of professionals at Keizer Family Dental care about your dental health and will place tooth fillings to get your smile back.

What Are Dental Fillings?

A tooth filling is a material placed in a decayed or damaged tooth to return it to its original size and shape. By removing the decay, we prevent its spread and further tooth loss. Proper oral hygiene like brushing can prevent the need for dental fillings by reducing cavities. If after a dental exam at our clinic reveals you have a cavity, we will recommend the best type of filling for you.

Types of Dental Fillings

There are different types of materials contained in dental fillings. A metal tooth filling is made of either gold or silver and can last up to 10 years. A gold filling if preferred by some for it's flashy appearance, but can be costly. Amalgam fillings are another popular type of fillings used to treat decay. They are made of several metals that make them strong enough to withstand chewing forces. Due to their size, they are best for teeth at the back of the mouth like molars.

Composite resins are small fillings used on the visible parts since they closely resemble our natural teeth in color. Other than filling material for decay, composite fillings help to repair chipped or broken teeth. However, they are not as durable as metal fillings and only last up to five years.

What is the Process for a Tooth Filling?

First, our dentists will numb the area around the tooth, so you do not feel any pain. Then, using a drill, we remove the decay from the affected area. After this procedure, any bacteria or debris in the space is removed to leave it clean. Then the filling is placed, and our dentists polish the rest of the tooth. At first, the filling may feel uncomfortable, but you will quickly get used to it.

Benefits of a Dental Filling

Teeth can wear out from sleep bruxism, a condition where you constantly grind your teeth. Facial injuries can also leave you with cracked teeth that destroy your smile. Tooth fillings help to restore the tooth's structure. No one can tell if your teeth had any damage before. For people who suffered from tooth decay, getting tooth fillings restores their tooth size and function. Since the fillings are strong and durable, you can eat and talk without any pain.

If you have any cavities, please see us at Keizer Family Dental to get a tooth filling procedure. Reach out to us at (971) 345-8563 today to schedule your appointment.
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