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3D rendering of partial dentures being placed on a lower jaw with missing back teeth at Keizer Family Dental in Keizer, ORAccording to the American College of Prosthodontists, over 120 million Americans have two or more missing teeth. Gum disease, tooth decay, aging, and trauma are common causes of losing teeth. Missing even a few teeth comes with several problems like lowering your self-esteem and aging your face.

Thankfully, there are dental treatments we can use to give you back your teeth. One of them includes fitting dentures. Dentures are prosthetic devices that are placed on the gum line to replace any missing teeth. Our dental team at Keizer Family Dental are trained to offer the best partial or complete denture fitting procedure that will restore your beautiful smile.

What is the Process of Getting Dentures?

We first examine your teeth and gums; if there is any gum disease, it is treated before placing dentures. We will determine if partial or complete dentures are best to improve your dental state during several visits. Our team will then take measurements of your mouth using molds to make the best fitting dentures for your jaw. If they do not fit well, it can lead to excess salivation and drooling.

The upper and lower jaw are then fitted with dentures. It takes a few visits for adjustments to be made to the dentures, so your mouth gets used to them. Our aim is for the dentures to be the best fit, align with your bite and look as natural as possible. After this period, you will be able to speak and eat as you would with regular teeth.

What Are Partial Dentures?

If our patients have a few natural teeth remaining on their upper or lower jaw, we suggest partial dentures. Partial dentures fill a gap left behind by missing teeth. They include artificial teeth, a gum-colored base, and plastic clasps to keep them in place. Since partial dentures are temporary, our dentists will advise you when to remove them and clean them. We advise patients who have lost one or two teeth from tooth decay and gum disease to visit us for a partial denture.

What Are Complete Dentures?

In other cases, our patients lose all of their teeth on either the upper or lower jaw. Not having an entire set of teeth makes it hard to speak normally and enjoy food. Complete dentures, also known as conventional dentures, replace a whole set of teeth on the upper and lower jaw. They are held in place by adhesives so that you can remove them at night.

Importance of Dentures

If you have crooked front teeth, getting complete dentures improves your overall aesthetics. Dentures boost the confidence of our patients since they look very realistic. People who get dentures can speak well and chew food without gum pain from a few missing teeth. Dentures allow you to enjoy your favorite foods without dietary restrictions for your oral health.

If you have a few missing teeth, getting dentures may be the best way to get back your full smile. For more information on how to get dentures, visit us at Keizer Family Dental. You can also call us at (971) 345-8563 to schedule your appointment.
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