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November 2019
• Is Self-Medicating Dental Pain a Problem?
• The Danger of Finding Excuses Instead of Flossing
• Calming Sensitive Teeth Starts with a Visit to Our Office

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October 2019
• Ways of Making Oral Hygiene Easier As We Age
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• Are There Different Types of Tooth Sensitivity?

September 2019
• The Connection Between Good Oral Health and a Healthy Blood Pressure
• What to Do When an Item Gets Stuck Between Your Teeth
• Ways of Easing Dental Anxiety Before We See You

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Are There Different Types of Tooth Sensitivity?
Many people understand that if they eat something cold, it can sometimes shock their mouth. This is because their teeth are sensitive to the cold. However, did you know there are other types of sensitivity you may experience as well? It's true. Your mouth, specifically your teeth, can be sensitive to temperatures and flavors. You may notice pain from cold as well as hot foods, where you feel those shocks through your teeth and into your gums and jaw. Plus, you may also notice this type of pain from sweets and sour foods as well. If you have sensitivity issues, make sure to come in and get it treated!

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