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March 2021
• Dry Mouth Can Lead to Long-Term Oral Health Problems
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• Raw Produce Keep Mouths Healthy

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February 2021
• Reasons You Need to Worry If You Do Not Make Enough Saliva
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• Produce Can Fill Your Mouth with Nutrients and Vitamins

January 2021
• How We Prepare Teeth Before Applying Veneers
• Do You Brush Dental Bonding Differently?
• Effects of Neglecting Regular Dental Care

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Produce Can Fill Your Mouth with Nutrients and Vitamins
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A healthy diet is essential for strong oral health. In addition to the benefits of avoiding sugary snacks and acidic beverages, the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in healthy foods and superfoods benefit the entire body, including the mouth. Most fruits and vegetables are prime examples of foods that significantly boost a patients' oral health.

Examples of Beneficial Produce
Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which fortifies gums and prevents cold sores. Leafy greens, especially spinach and kale, have high concentrations of calcium, which promotes healthy tooth enamel. Celery has vitamins A and C for combating harmful microorganisms in the mouth. Strawberries contain vitamin C as well as malic acid, which act as a natural tooth-whitener. The chemicals in raisins naturally counteract bacterial growth.

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