Dear Patients,

Many in our community are struggling right now with changes to employment and access to health insurance benefits. Lack of dental insurance can often be an obstacle to maintaining regular dental care and staying healthy. We want to help!

  • If you do not have access to group insurance
  • If your employer has dropped dental coverage from your benefits
  • If your dental plan has been discontinued
  • If your insurance premiums simply cost more than the services covered

We have created an in-house membership plan specifically for our uninsured community. This plan will allow you to budget for annual preventive care at a substantial savings. Your annual subscription gives you access to 100% covered preventive care – including exams, cleanings and x-rays! That’s an annual savings of over $212 on your preventive care. In addition, you will receive a members-only 15% discount on any treatment needed, such as fillings and crowns. This discount can even be COMBINED with our other appreciation discounts: Seniors, Heros and Pay-in-Advance.

Our in-house VIP membership is just one more way we strive to help our community Keep Smiling!

To learn more read about our financing options.


Dr. Olander and Team
Keizer Family Dental